Your business, their future

Business partnerships are instrumental to the success of our work.

We tailor our partnerships to make them strategic and impact-focused. We work together to deliver the maximum benefit for children and their families while aligning with your brand, values and goals. 

Our partners improve the lives of children, young people and families, every day and create opportunities all over the world.  


Why partner with us?

  • Global reach, personalised experience: SOS Children’s Villages is an established and trusted brand name globally, one that your global clients and employees are likely to recognise. We are present in 136 countries and territories worldwide. In the UK, we’re a small team who can give you a tailored experience. 
  • A strategic and aligned partnership: We can offer local engagement in countries where your company has a special interest. We will tailor our partnership to align with your business goals and the Sustainable Development Goals. 
  • Show that you are a purpose-driven company: partnering with us will emphasise that you are a forward-thinking business whose social purpose is integral to its operation.  
  • Meaningful and fun employee engagement: we can organise volunteering opportunities and offer team-building events that unite your employees and get them excited about a worthy cause. 
  • Direct impact: our programmes positively impact the communities where your clients, customers and employees live and work. 

With a track record of delivering successful and aspirational partnerships, the team will ensure our collaboration has as much of a positive impact on your organisation as it does ours.

Our partners

Find out why our partners chose us and how we helped meet their objectives

Meet the team

Holly Christie: Head of Partnerships & Philanthropy


Linkedin: hchristie

Shafiya Shah: Senior Corporate Partnerships Manager


Imogene Deery: Senior Development Manager


Linkedin: Imogenedeery

Jane Caldwell: Partnerships Manager


Linkedin: Jane-caldwell

Do you want to partner with SOS Children’s Villages UK to help protect unsupported children worldwide? Give us a call on 01223 365 589 or email our corporate team today.

Read our Ethical Partnerships Policy here.


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