Child safeguarding

The protection of children and young people in our care is central to all we do.

Safeguarding Children

At the heart of our work is the conviction that every child has the right to a caring, supportive and safe family-like environment in which to thrive. Creating a safe environment for children, young people and families – within our programmes and in the wider community and society – is an integral part of everything we do.


We have a strong, new Code of Conduct for all our staff and volunteers, approved in March 2023, as well as clear reporting and responding procedures. We take swift and determined action if staff members fail to adhere to our policies and expectations for child safeguarding.

There is no doubt that the intense proximity of our care, combined with the challenging needs of the children and the difficult circumstances in which we operate, mean there is greater child safeguarding risk in our work. SOS Children’s Villages created a new Child and Youth Safeguarding Policy in April 2023. We also have a UK Safeguarding Policy. 

Report a child safety concern involving SOS Children’s Villages using our online reporting channel:


Click here if you are a child 

Click here if you are an adult


If you are employed by SOS Children’s Villages, we encourage you to consider alternative reporting options as outlined in our Child Protection Policy and related policy support documents.

Along with our NGO peers, we are also participating in sector-wide efforts to develop common standards and systems related to improving the safety of children around the world.

As part of a global organisation working with children who have lost parental care, or who are at risk of losing it, SOS Children’s Villages UK does not tolerate any form of child abuse, exploitation, neglect or violation of a child’s privacy and rights.


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