Repairing our homes

tcc Foundation

Why we are working together: 

Critical repairs and maintenance are needed to meet basic health and safety standards in 30 SOS Family Houses in South Africa over three years. Together our partnership will not only impact the 180-240 children currently living in these houses but will go on to provide safe homes for the many children who will call those houses ‘homes’ in the years to come. 

Every child deserves to grow up in a house that is safe and welcoming. These renovations will enable the children and young people in our care to live in a house that is a home – a place where they can flourish. A safe and secure home supports children to be happy and healthy – enabling them to focus more time on play, school and building friendships. 

What we are doing: 

Structural issues such as leaking roofs, ceilings fascia boards, barge boards, bathrooms, kitchens, doors, windows, plumbing, electrics, lighting, security, painting, waterproofing, flooring, cupboards and broken furniture need to be addressed. 

In year one of our three-year partnership, we renovated ten houses in SOS Children’s Villages Pietermaritzburg. This year, critical repairs and maintenance is underway at family homes in SOS Children’s Villages Port Elizabeth.

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