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Our Work

We are guided by an ideal of every child growing up in a caring family environment, with all the support they need to reach their potential. To achieve this, our work focuses on careeducationhealthcare and community outreach

Around the world we care for children who have become orphaned and abandoned, we help young people to take their first steps to independence, and we support vulnerable families through community programmes. Find out more about these areas of our work below. 

We support children and families in 125 countries. Find out where we work.


SOS Children's Villages

Children's Villages are at the core of our work. Orphaned and abandoned children live in these special communities and grow up in a loving family environment. They are cared for by an SOS Mother, live with SOS brothers and sisters, and receive support for their individual needs. 

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Community Outreach

Vulnerable families living around our Children's Villages are supported by our community programmes. These services are tailored to the needs of each family, and help them to be better equipped to provide care and security for their children.

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Children living in SOS Villages, as well as children from local families, benefit from SOS Schools and Nurseries. Our educational projects provide children and young people with their right to education, and the skills to live a prosperous life in the future. We also run classes for parents so that they can learn new skills and support their families. 

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Emergency Relief

When natural disaster or conflict affects a community, we work to protect children and keep families together. Being established in 125 countries, we are well-placed to respond quickly and effectively to emergencies, and support recovery efforts.

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Our Medical Centres are located close to SOS Children's Villages, and serve the local community. For many in remote areas, SOS Medical Centres are the only place they can receive medical treatment.

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Celebrating 50 years in India

Children growing up in India face many challenges, with more than 31 million children living without the care of a parent. Discover what SOS Children has been doing to help since 1963, and how tomorrow in India you can transform a life.

Tomorrow in India

Celebrating over 40 years in Africa

Our first Children's Village in the African continent opened in 1971, in the Ivory Coast. Today, over 16,000 children live in 153 Children's Villages in 45 African countries. To celebrate 40 years of SOS Children in Africa, we launched 'Our Africa' - a online platform for young Africans to tell their stories.

40 years in Africa


Learn more about specific areas of our work across Africa: HIV/AIDSmalariamalnutrition, and street children


Have you visited Our Africa? Check out its wide variety of videos made by children from the continent.