Sponsor a child

Children without parental support are extremely vulnerable. They can be without a home, without food and are easily exploited and at risk of abuse. Many do not attend school or have access to even the most basic healthcare. Millions end up on the streets with no safety nets and no protection.

Sponsor a child

We believe that every child needs a positive, enduring relationship with a caring parental figure in a loving home to grow and thrive. Your £20 a month can give a child:

  • The chance to grow up in a supportive family environment  
  • A parent and siblings to care for them
  • A secure home for the entirety of their childhood  
  • A quality education, with all the opportunities that brings
  • Access to healthcare  
  • The chance to belong to a supportive community
  • A firm foundation for adult life

We look after 73,800 children in our village communities around the world – and we know the name of every child


Newborn David was abandoned in a public toilet 

David was just days old when he was rescued from a public toilet in Yamoussoukro, on the Ivory Coast. He was found covered in worms and faeces. The worms had caused a severe eye infection that almost cost David his sight.

When David first came to live with his new SOS family he was badly traumatised by his early experience - he was too calm for a child his age, rarely cried, and always kept his eyes closed.

But with the care of his SOS family, and professional psycho-social support, he soon integrated into his new family and learned to speak, sing and dance. His health improved and he quickly put on weight.

Now four years old, David is thriving. He is a happy and curious child who likes to follow his older brothers and sisters around, imitating what they do and say.

*David's name has been changed to protect his privacy

Naol and Beki: surviving hardship, thriving together

Twins, Naol* and Beki* were born two months premature in a rural village in southwest Ethiopia five years ago. Their single mother died shortly after the delivery, leaving the infant twins with no one to care for them – a common occurrence in Ethiopia, where maternal and infant mortality rates are amongst the highest in the world. 

Today the twins live with SOS mother Bizunesh who has watched the twins grow into happy and healthy five-year-olds. Naol loves playing football with his friends and Beki enjoys singing and dancing to traditional Ethiopian music. 

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Sponsoring a child feels more special than other charitable donations. It’s so much more than donating money each month. It’s like having a new family member.

Jean Dickson
Supporter since 2011

A rewarding experience

When you sponsor a child with SOS Children’s Villages UK you will be changing their life forever. Thanks to your support, they will grow up in a secure family environment with all the benefits that education and a supportive upbringing can provide. Regular updates and photographs mean that you can watch the child you sponsor grow up. You can also write to them if you wish.

When you sponsor a child you will receive:

  • A welcome pack, introducing you to your sponsored child and the village community where they live
  • A welcome letter from your village community
  • Summer and Winter updates directly from the village community where you sponsored child lives
  • Our UK supporter magazine

Where can I sponsor a child?

You can choose to sponsor a child in a specific village community or country or let us select the child that needs your help the most – it is up to you. Just select the country name on the drop-down list on the sign-up page and email sponsorship@sosuk.org with any specific requests for a particular village or age.

If you'd like to talk to someone about sponsoring a child, please do contact our sponsorship team on 01223 365589. If you are a current sponsor and would like to contribute to your sponsored child’s savings account, for example as a birthday gift, please use this link https://www.soschildrensvillages.org.uk/gift