Youth Training and Employability Project in The Gambia

Globally, 289 million young people are not in employment, education or training, with young women twice as likely as young men to be affected.

Becoming self-reliant means adapting to the loss of support networks and structures, learning how to cope alone with everyday challenges, entering the world of work and becoming financially independent.

This can be particularly challenging for those leaving alternative care and for those in families struggling to stay together, who lack support at home.

We’re empowering young people, working directly with them to prepare them for this transition, through our Youth Training and Employability Project (YTEP), a project that is only possible thanks to the support of our corporate partners.

Damansa’s story

Damansa, 29, is a YTEP graduate who now owns a successful computer repair shop in Basse.

“I needed a skill to become self-employed, it was my dream, but I didn’t have the money to afford training. When I heard about YTEP, I thought this is what I was looking for! It was an opportunity for me.  ​

“I have passion in this work. I have the passion of being someone and having my own skill. I started my PC and computer repair shop after my internship. The more income I made, the more I developed the business. ​

“I’d advise other young people, when they see an opportunity like this, grab it! ​

“Thank you to the donors and SOS Children’s Villages. They helped me open this place and support my family. I have it because of them.”

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