SOS Children’s Villages Morocco Earthquake Response Update

Following the recent catastrophic earthquake in Morocco, SOS Children’s Villages has completed an initial assessment of our relief operations after 15 intense days of team mobilisation in the country. Aimed at providing immediate relief during the first emergency phase, SOS Children’s Villages in Morocco has been dedicated to providing material, logistical, psychological, and medical support to local residents in 39 douars (small rural villages).

Key Impact

  • Supported 3,543 families and 1,616 children (aged 4-12).
  • 271 individuals benefited from medical or paramedical services.
  • Psychosocial support was provided to 319 children from SOS Children’s Villages to help prevent post-traumatic stress syndrome.
  • Awareness initiatives reached 1,671 women and 1,123 children about their fundamental rights, particularly their right to protection against abuse or exploitation.
  • Four douars now have primary schools equipped with solar panels and internet connectivity.
  • A total of 66 personnel including employees, volunteers, and specialists joined the effort.
  • 43 partnering companies contributed through in-kind donations and providing

Emergency Kits Distributed

  • Food: Supplies included 2,250 complete food baskets, 3,500 kg of rice, 570 kg of pasta, and more.
  • Drink: Distribution of 35,000 litres of clean water and 2,500 litres of milk.
  • Equipment: Including 260 tents, 1,200 solar lamps, and 2,750 mattresses.
  • Clothing: Over 56,570 clothing items, 1,350 pairs of shoes, and 2,850 pairs of socks.
  • Hygiene: Beneficiaries received 6,000 hygiene products, 6,000 shampoos, and 1,700 sanitary towels.
  • Medical: Medical supplies provided include 10 wheelchairs and 950 boxes of medicines.
  • Children: Aid for the young ones includes 8,000 baby nappies, 485 boxes of infant milk, and 5,200 school supplies.

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