Arnav’s #OneWish: “To be with my sister”

*Arnav and *Deepa, aged 12 and 9, share an unbreakable bond as biological siblings living in SOS Children’s Villages Bhimtal. They’re inseparable best friends who indulge in friendly momo-eating competitions, with the younger Deepa often outshining her elder brother. Their love for each other is expressed through sweet gestures, and their remarkable friendship is legendary in the village. It’s widely known that if you give one of them a treat, the other will never enjoy it alone.

Before joining SOS Children’s Village, Arnav and Deepa had never attended school. When they were enrolled in different classes due to their age difference, they struggled to adapt to the separation. Both siblings were in tears, yearning for each other’s company. Over time, they adjusted to their new reality but would reunite as soon as class ended.

As Arnav transitioned to a youth home upon becoming a teenager, both siblings faced separation anxiety once more. Their world seemed bleak without each other, having always relied on each other’s support through the trauma of losing their parents. However, with the guidance of their SOS Caregiver mother, Godavari, they learned to embrace this change.

Even today, Arnav and Deepa still seek each other out during prayer times and while exploring new experiences in the village. Siblings are often our first friends in life, and Arnav and Deepa’s unbreakable bond shows that they’ll forever remain best friends. SOS Children’s Villages ensures that siblings can stay together even in alternative care, ensuring that no one has to lose their closest companion, no matter how challenging life may be.

*Names have been changed to protect privacy

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