Education, employability and disaster relief are various ways we can reduce child poverty
Our Impact – October 2 2019

5 ways to end child poverty

One billion children worldwide are living in poverty. The impact on their lives, and society, is immense.  

Children in poverty are less likely to receive a good education, thereby limiting their chances at a fulfilling life and perpetuating generational poverty. They are more likely to be forced into child labour, early marriage and other forms of exploitation. And they are at greater risk of suffering child-malnutrition and other illnesses which can permanently damage their development.  

Growing up in poverty also increases a child’s risk of losing their parents, by lowering life-expectancy and straining family relationships to breaking point. This in turn, can throw children into even deeper poverty.  

Reducing poverty is key to protecting children today, and into the future. That is why SOS Children’s Villages has placed poverty-prevention at the heart of its work with marginalised communities around the world. World leaders gathered at the UN last week to discuss efforts to end global poverty by 2030. Here we highlight five ways we are working to reduce child poverty across the globe. 

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*Children’s names are changed to protect their privacy 

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