Empowering Girls and Building Futures: How Lines & Current Supports Youth Employability in The Gambia

When Jon and Rebekah founded Lines & Current, they were passionate about empowering young people through education. In 2020, they supported our Youth Training and Employability Centre in The Gambia, where over five years, we aim to empower 1,000 young people with skills like sewing, literacy, catering, and PC repairs. Lines & Current, committed to donating 10% of profits, has already helped nearly 400 students graduate from the programme.

What motivated Lines & Current to support the Youth and Employability Programme in The Gambia?  

We love that this project creates change from the inside out and we love that we get to tell our customers exactly how this work is changing lives.

In what ways do you see education as a crucial factor in addressing youth unemployment and promoting economic empowerment among girls?

Not only is employability contributing to positive financial outcomes for girls and future mothers but it is also breaking down gender roles, promoting equality in the community and giving young women a sense of personal empowerment.

Can you share insights into the long-term impact that you hope to achieve through your support for this programme, specifically in terms of advancing girls’ education and future employment prospects?

Research shows that when girls are educated, economies grow. Empowering girls with the skills and knowledge they need for the jobs of the future can lead to increased productivity, innovation, and economic development.

International Day of the Girl Child highlights the importance of gender equality and the rights of girls. How does Lines & Current see its partnership with SOS Children’s Villages UK contributing to this global effort?

By supporting programmes that cater to girls, we can help in closing the gender gap that exists in many fields and also challenge stereotypes which leads to a more inclusive global society. I really think females offer diverse perspectives especially when it comes to problem-solving which can again have a positive outcome in communities at a whole. This partnership gives us an opportunity to be part of this story.

Lastly, what message would Lines & Current like to convey to the public and other potential partners about the importance of investing in the education and employability of young women and girls in The Gambia?

Investing in the females in The Gambia is a privilege as we are getting to see tangible results in our investment. This investment not only has an impact today but also for future generations as young women grow to have families of their own, pass along skills and knowledge and ultimately break the cycle of poverty in their lives and their surrounding relationships.

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