Closing the digital divide across the globe

SOS Children’s Villages’ Digital Villages project 

‘Digital Villages’ is a global project aiming to close the digital divide by providing children and young people lacking adequate parental care, as well as surrounding communities, with meaningful access to digital technology and digital literacy skills to support their education, development needs and career prospects. 

Additionally, the project provides training for participants on cyber abuse and cyber security issues to ensure their safety online. 

A global project, locally owned 

A global project implemented in 60 countries and reaching over 40,000 people, Digital Villages is tailored to each local area to ensure it remains relevant and adequate for the children, youth and surrounding community we support.  

The innovative project aims to integrate technology into children and families’ everyday lives.  

We support all those at SOS Children’s Villages, whether that’s children, young people, or SOS Children’s Villages parents, all have access to computers and the Internet to help them develop digital literacy. 

The programme underscores our commitment – outlined in our Strategy 2030 – to pilot the use of information technologies (IT) in SOS Children’s Villages families. 

Enhancing parenting skills 

Parents supported by SOS Children’s Villages need to access technology to enhance their professional knowledge while also improving household management. 

“The Digital Village project is linked to our desire to go ‘cashless’ at the SOS household expense level.” explains Stephen Miller, National Director of SOS Children’s Villages South Africa.  

“Online shopping is growing in South Africa, and the computers in our SOS homes will enable mothers to purchase groceries and other household items online.” 

Cyber safety training is provided to all children, and the parents are trained to monitor how children use computers safely. 

For the programme participants, access to technology and IT skills opens the door to e-learning and ways to use technology to improve language, mathematics, and entrepreneurial skills. 

Through Digital Villages, technology can bridge geographical barriers and bring educational resources to any location, giving young people the skills needed for today’s competitive job market. 

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