A plea for peace from a Palestinian woman

For the children and young people of Gaza, the West Bank and Israel, the losses and trauma from the war are taking a heavy toll. It is impacting their physical health, their mental health, their education, and their sense of security and hope for the future. 

Mariam*, a 20-year-old nursing student and member of SOS Children’s Villages Palestine youth council in Bethlehem, has written a short commentary on behalf of young Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, which we would like to share with you. 

You can read her powerful plea below. 

Mariam’s plea for peace 

“On behalf of the youth in the West Bank and Gaza, and in light of the difficult conditions young people are living in, especially in Gaza, what we ask for is to live in peace and security, away from war that destroys dreams, futures, and plans – whatever they may be.  

“We pray to God that the war will stop, that peace will return, that life will return with its dreams and aspirations for children and youth, and that morale will remain high to face the challenges. 

“We all hope the war will stop and that we will emerge safely from it.  

“Three months ago, youth were attending their universities in Gaza, carrying with them all their aspirations for a bright tomorrow. Overnight, the universities were destroyed, and with them hope was lost. 

“The scenes of destroyed homes of young people will be a shock to them. Having a roof to protect them from the cold and other things is an absolute necessity. Let there be support to provide suitable shelter for the young people who lost it during the war. 

“Children have gone through circumstances and traumas that no other children in the world have experienced. They need a lot of psychological support, relief activities, regular and healthy nutrition, clothing, and to return to school. 

“We young people will always remain a support for each other until full recovery.”

Bring hope back to children

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