Refugee Children's Rights

SOS Children’s Villages is campaigning for the rights of refugee children, many of whom have experienced conflict and trauma in their own countries and have been forced to flee without the protection of their parents and families.

We are calling for:

  • Refugee children to be reunited with their families
  • Expansion of safe regular channels for refugees, including resettlement, to save lives and ensure refugees are not forced to rely on smugglers
  • An end to the immigration detention of children
  • Unsupported child refugees to be given proper care


Refugee Family Reunion

We are campaigning as a member of the Families Together coalition to ensure refugee children with leave to remain in the UK have the chance to grow up with the love and protection of their families.

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Child Refugee Resettlement

We are deeply concerned about the safety of children fleeing conflict and taking perilous journeys alone where they are at risk of abuse and exploitation. We are supporting the charity Safe Passage as they urge the UK Government to do more to provide safe routes for children and offer sanctuary to unaccompanied child refugees.

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