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Your zakat means together we can protect children who have nobody

A donation to SOS Children’s Villages is a promise to a child who has lost everyone and everything that matters – their parents, their home and their community – that they will not be alone in the world.

We understand how important it is to you that your donation brings good to the world and helps those who need it the most. After all, your zakat isn’t just a charitable gift, it’s an act of worship and devotion.

It is the poorest communities in the world who will ultimately suffer the most from the coronavirus pandemic. Poverty, a lack of clean water and decent toilets, and poor healthcare systems could leave a staggering number of children around the world without the care they need.

Our counsellors, social workers, healthcare workers and ​teachers are working to prevent the spread of the virus, protecting the world’s most vulnerable children.

Right now, millions of children who have lost their parents need our help. Left alone in the world, these children have no-one to protect them from harm, to make sure they can go to school or are taken care of when they’re sick, or even to give them a hug and let them know they are loved. Our SOS parents offer children a second chance at a happy and loving childhood within a family that makes them feel safe and supported.

Here are some ways your zakat can help change children’s lives for the better

Help us reach more abandoned children in Pakistan

We provide a safe, loving home to children without parents, but many more need our help.

There are 4.2 million abandoned children in Pakistan. We have offered a loving home to as many children as we can, but there are so many more in need of our help. At our village communities in 14 of Pakistan’s major cities, hundreds of children who have lost their parents are growing up in a loving family with an SOS mother as well as brothers and sisters. Your zakat could help us offer even more children a happy and safe childhood, and a better future. By donating just £20 a month or £240 a year, through your zakat you could ensure that more children have a safe place to call home if they are left behind and can’t be with their own family. Zakat donations can also be utilised to pay for the higher education of those SOS students who qualify and wish to study for a degree. It costs SOS Pakistan £1,875 to support one SOS student in higher education per year, including university fees, materials and living costs.

You can find the official fatwa documentation here.

Support families torn apart by poverty in The Gambia

The Gambia is not only one of Africa’s smallest nations, it is also one of the poorest.

Our staff in SOS Children’s Villages Gambia have been supporting children who can’t be with their parents since 1980, and have been in the rural village location of Basse since 2007. Children with no one to care for them can find a loving home in one of the 12 SOS families in Basse. Currently, there are 89 children in SOS Children’s Villages in Basse, and all the children of school age are in education. In 2019, one of the boys, who had grown up in the village since the age of 7 seven when his father died, was accepted to the University of The Gambia to study a Bachelor of Science in Management Studies. Your zakat could ensure even more children in The Gambia could have a much brighter future, so please support SOS Children’s Villages in Basse by donating just £20 a month or £240 a year. By donating £960 you could help four abandoned children feel loved, safe and supported. This could give the children an opportunity for a brighter and prosperous future, even if they can’t be with their parents.

Help us reach people in the poorest parts of the world facing coronavirus

The coronavirus is likely to have a truly devastating impact on children in poorer countries especially.

The coronavirus has had a huge impact everywhere, but in some of the world’s poorest countries where SOS Children’s Villages works, the effect could be devastating. Children who have lost parents already could now lose other relatives – aunts, uncles, grandparents, even siblings – who might be their main carers. This isn’t just a personal loss to them: without this loving support, they are much less likely to finish school, meaning they’re less likely to get a job and escape poverty.

We are in desperate need of your help. Please donate your zakat towards our emergency coronavirus appeal and we will ensure the children in our care in Pakistan and The Gambia get the extra support they are likely to need.

How your zakat will be spent

We know how important it is that the money you donate through zakat goes towards abandoned children in some of the world’s poorest countries, which is why we will allocate the money to the location of your choosing. The children who grow up with us need the security of knowing SOS Children’s Villages will always be there for them. Our village communities are their childhood homes, a long-term lifeline for them, so they can grow up in as close to a family setting as possible, feeling safe, loved and secure. We know this support gives the children in our care the best possible start in life as well as securing their future. Thank you so much for your incredible support and we hope this Ramadan is a time of peace and reflection for you.


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