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Help Camila before it’s too late. Donate now.

We don’t know how Camila ended up on the streets.

We do know that we need to get to children like Camila urgently, before someone else does – traffickers know how to find the children with no-one to keep them safe.

Imagine the fear, the mental scars and trauma this little girl has already faced.   

The longer Camila is alone, the worse it is. Her chance of a normal, happy life really disappears quickly. There’s a very small window of opportunity to get her back into a safe, loving home before her entire future starts to unravel before it’s even happened. 

If you believe all children deserve to be protected and safe – just like you’d want for your own child – then start supporting Camila right now.

Your generous donation of £5 a month could help to find a child like Camila an urgent place in a loving home. It’s giving her back a chance to have a life, and to build a brighter future in spite of everything she has lost already.



£5 a month could help get a child off the streets to a safe place


£10 a month could help a child be placed in a loving home


£20 a month could get a child off the streets and into a permanent, loving home

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