SOS Children - Sponsor a child

We are a global charity striving for every child to grow up in a loving family home.

Our work is possible thanks to child sponsors. Find out more about sponsoring a child.

What do we do?

Together with our supporters, we help the world's most vulnerable children and families. 

  • We prevent children from ending up alone or abandoned by helping families to stay together.

  • When a child has been orphaned or abandoned, we provide them with a loving family home in an SOS Children's Village.

  • We provide education and healthcare in these communities.

We also help during emergencies, and are currently bringing emergency relief to children and families in the Philippines and Syria. Through our work, we have been transforming young lives for over 60 years.

Where do we work?

There are SOS Children's Villages, and associated community programmes, in 125 countries around the world. These span Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. You can sponsor a child in many of these countries. See where we work.

What are Children's Villages?

SMV - motherhood

SOS Children's Villages are where children who have been orphaned and abandoned live. Here they are cared for in loving family homes.

Each child is looked after by an SOS Mother, who cares for a small group of children. They live together as a family.

SMV - home

There are several SOS families within a Children's Village. Together, they form a safe and supportive community. 

SMV - village

We know each child is unique, so those growing up in Children's Villages are given individual support until they are young adults. We provide them with medical care and quality education.

You can sponsor a child growing up in an SOS Children's Village, and ensure they receive all they need to flourish. 

Child sponsors change young lives. Thanks to their compassion and support, we are the world’s largest charity for orphaned and abandoned children.

Find out how you can support a child to thrive in an SOS Children's Village. 

Any questions?

Explore our child sponsorship FAQs, or get in touch - we'd love to hear from you! Here are our contact details

Alternatively, find out why child sponsorship with SOS Children is special.


With SOS Children you can sponsor Zimbabwean children and give them a loving family home.