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Baraa can’t stop thinking about the day the bombs fell.

You could give a child like Baraa the support she needs to cope with what she’s been through. Please donate now.

How your kindness will help children like Baraa


A sunny day, a child playing outside, singing happily – it all came to an abrupt end before Baraa’s eyes.

Can you imagine if it was your child who saw their friends and neighbours killed in an instant like that?

Baraa asks herself every day why those people had to die. Why she and her siblings were lucky enough to survive.

And as long as she has these traumatic memories, Baraa really is only surviving.

You could change all that and give her the chance to really live again, and make her dream of becoming a PE teacher one day come true.

With art therapy and counselling, a child like Baraa can start to move past their trauma and take slow, cautious steps towards healing.



£5 a month could provide the pens and paper for art therapy sessions


£10 a month could provide a child with someone to talk through their trauma


£20 a month could provide an art therapy session as well as pens and paper

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