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You can make Azzam’s nightmare go away. 

Azzam relives the horror of war constantly in his mind. And he’s afraid it could all happen again.

Will you donate now to bring Azzam’s living nightmare to an end?


Azzam has fled conflict.

He’s seen things no child should see.

His beloved brother has died.

Azzam now relives his trauma in his mind each and every day, over and over. And he’s terrified it could happen again, that he could lose more of his loved ones.

This is no way for a child to live.

Help him get his life back.

Your generosity will mean a child like Azzam can get counselling and therapy for their trauma, so they can work through it and start to really live again.

How you’ll be helping


Getting a child like Azzam away from danger is only the first step. Without urgent support to help him start to heal from the trauma he’s experienced, he will carry on reliving the horrors day after day, night after sleepless night.

Your kindness will get him urgent therapy to move past this stage. To go from surviving day-to-day to really living life again.

If he was your child, wouldn’t you want someone kind to help him?

Your support will be truly life-changing.



£5 a month could provide the pens and paper for art therapy sessions


£10 a month could provide a child with someone to talk through their trauma


£20 a month could provide an art therapy session as well as pens and paper

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