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Inequality is rife in Togo, where the wealthiest 20% receive half of the country’s household income. For the many forced to get by at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder, survival is often tough. A third live in poverty, while tens of thousand lack access to housing, healthcare and education. Only one in five has access to improved sanitation, making infectious disease a huge problem. Many people live with HIV/AIDS in a country where adequate treatment is unavailable to the majority.

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Education is unavailable to most children in Togo, who simply cannot afford to send their children to school. Many have no choice but to work instead. In rural parts, most work in the fields, although children also work in rock quarries, transporting heavy stones or extracting sand to make bricks. Sexual exploitation is a daily reality for some children, and many fall victim to child trafficking for labour or sex. HIV/AIDS afflicts children not just through infection, but also by robbing many of their parents.

Our work in Togo

SOS Children’s Villages began work in Togo in the 1970s when the government provided us with two plots of lands, one near the capital of Lomé, and another in Kara in the north of the country. In 2007, we opened a third Village the city of Dapaong in the far north of the country.


Children growing up in Lomé face many problems, including forced under-age marriage. Many girls are victims of polygamy before they even reach the legal age of marriage. Children of polygamous marriages suffer as a result of insufficient financial and emotional care from their fathers.
This is why SOS Children's Villages is providing essential educational and nutritional support, as well as health services, to families who otherwise would go without. Guidance on income generation as well as parenting can help families provide a better environment for children growing up. In particular, we target those suffering as a result of HIV/AIDS.


Our second Village was established in 1979 in Kara, here, the majority of people live off subsistence farming.
Family support offered by SOS Children's Villages in conjunction with local agencies helps children gain access to education as well as health and nutritional services. This helps develop their future prospects by better preparing them for a decent career.


Our third SOS Children’s Village opened later, in 2007. Well over half the population of Savanes Province live below the poverty line. The high rate of HIV/AIDS means that children often become orphaned, or live in poverty because their parents are incapacitated by the disease. To help redress some of these problems, SOS Children's Villages works closely with families living in the neighbourhood, supporting parents through education and healthcare to ensure they have the wherewithal to care for their children. Families may need food or medicine to ensure both children and caregivers are healthy and well-fed, or scholarships so that children can attend school. All of this we provide to those who need it. Our SOS nursery offers valuable daycare so that parents have time to work or receive training.

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