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Over 28% of the country’s population lives in poverty. Tanzania is one of the poorest nations in the world despite recent economic growth. 35% of the population are chronically malnourished. In rural areas, the percentage is even higher and there is little or no clean drinking water available for some.

HIV/AIDS is common in Tanzania, with 1.4 million people living with the disease. Around 250,000 are children under the age of 14.

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Children in Tanzania

In Tanzania, nearly one in 10 children do not survive. HIV/AIDS, malaria, diarrhoea, pneumonia and malnutrition are all contributing to the number of child deaths.

1.3 million children have been orphaned due to HIV/AIDS. Many children find themselves at the head of their families, forgoing education and a normal childhood in the process. Raising the enrolment rate of children in school is a priority of the government.

Our work in Tanzania

There are three SOS Children’s Villages in Tanzania. They include SOS youth programmes, a number of SOS nursery schools, SOS schools, SOS social centres and two SOS medical centres. In cooperation with local agencies, our organisation runs family strengthening programmes to allow families to effectively care for their children. The support we provide varies according to the local needs but includes: food packages, basic vocational training, income-generating projects and legal advice and assistance.

SOS Children’s Villages are located in Arusha, Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar. Since the island of Zanzibar has its own directly-elected president, the organisation is working with two local legal bodies in Tanzania.


We began working in Tanzania in 1988 with the construction of a community on the island of Zanzibar, south-east of Zanzibar Town near the airport in a newly developed residential district. 11 family houses provide a home for 110 children.


In 2000 the second SOS Children's Village in Tanzania opened in Arusha, a major town in northern mainland Tanzania. SOS Children's Village Arusha is about 13 km from the town centre, on the Nairobi Road, in the Ngarmantoni urban area. The village has ten family houses, a nursery school, and a school for both primary and secondary pupils.

Dar es Salaam

A third SOS Children’s Village opened in Dar es Salaam in 2007. There are 13 family houses for 130 children and a SOS Nursery School for 100 children. This includes a classroom for children with special needs.

Local Contact

SOS Children’s Village of Tanzania Trust

P.O. Box 80462

Plot No. 47, Uporoto Street

Dar es Salaam



Tel: +255/ 22 2760793/4

Fax: +255/ 22 2760795

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