Child sponsorship in Pakistan

SOS Children’s Villages provides a loving home for orphans and abandoned children. Sponsor a child in Pakistan and help us give more children the love, security and respect they need to grow up into independent adults, who in turn contribute to their society. Our schools give quality education to our children and others in the local community, and our medical centres provide healthcare for thousands of people every year.

How sponsoring a child in Pakistan is different

Please note: we offer child sponsorship in Pakistan under slightly different terms from sponsorship in the rest of the world.

  • Minimum sponsorship is £30 per month and each child will have more than one sponsor
  • Sole sponsorship are available from £55 per month. Please note that we are currently unable to offer sole sponsorships
  • Updates from children re-distributed via the UK (in other countries they are mailed directly from abroad)

Our Children's Villages in Pakistan

SOS Children’s Villages in Pakistan has ambitious plans to add to our growing list of Villages where children live with their SOS mother and siblings in a family home where generations of children grow up.

Many of our Villages in Pakistan have Vocational Training Centre which offers courses in practical skills such as engineering, plumbing and welding. SOS Medical Centre’s also provide medical treatment to those in the local communities. SOS schools also provide educational facilities to those in the local community.

Sponsor a child in Asia

We began working in Pakistan in 1977 when our first SOS Children's Village in Pakistan was built in Lahore. Today, this SOS Children's Village is considered a model for modern child care in Pakistan.
The Village has 16 family houses and an SOS Youth Home for the older children where they can take their first guided steps towards independence.


We established a second community in Dhodial in the small town of Masehra in northern Pakistan in 1982. It has 14 family houses and an SOS Youth Home in nearby Abbottabad alongside an SOS Vocational Training Centre.


Our third SOS Children's Village in Pakistan, Rawalpindi, opened in 1989. It has 20 family houses and an SOS Youth Home which together are home to 250 children and young people. Faisalabad


SOS Children's Village Faisalabad was built in 1988. It has 15 family houses and an SOS Youth Home for 35 boys. The Village's SOS Medical Centre treats 200 patients a month and has a small operating theatre. The SOS School has thirteen classrooms for 600 pupils, providing pre-school, primary and secondary level education.


SOS Children's Village Karachi opened in 1987. There is now an SOS Youth Home along with the original 15 family houses, with training opportunities to become an electrician or plumber provided in the SOS Vocational Training Centre. The SOS School in Karachi is the largest in Pakistan with room for 1200 pupils, receiving pre-school, primary and secondary education.


SOS Children's Village Sargodha opened in 1995. It has 14 family houses and accommodation for 40 older boys in the SOS Youth Home. An SOS School with 35 classrooms and three science and computer laboratories provides pre-school, primary and secondary education for 1000 pupils.


SOS Children’s Village Multan opened in 2002 with 15 family houses. An SOS Primary School has also been built to give education to young children, and secondary schools provide education for older children. We support each child up to independence.


Pakistan’s eighth SOS Children’s Village opened in Sialkhot in 2006. There are 15 family houses for 150 children and an SOS Nursery.


A Village was due to open in Muzaffarabad in 2005 but was badly damaged by the earthquake in October 2005. An emergency relief programme was set up to help and care for orphaned and abandoned children.

Quetta In

In 2008 our Children's Village in Quetta opened its doors to children in need. Children from the Village attend local schools, and our pharmacy provides basic healthcare and medical appointments to the community.


We opened our Children's Village in Jamshoro in 2012. Close to the Indus River, the Village has 15 family homes, a library, a mosque, and play areas. Children go to local schools and are integrated in the surrounding community.


SOS Children's Villages Islamabad is still under construction. So far nine family houses have been built which are now home to children in our care, with six more houses to be constructed. We hope to also build an SOS School and playing fields for the children in SOS families.

Local contact

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