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Around 63% of Nigeria’s population live in abject poverty. Many thousands live in shacks without the basics like clean water and sanitation, needed to provide stability. An increase in crime and violence in some areas has made life increasingly dangerous for the people of Nigeria

HIV/AIDS has a terrible impact on the people of Nigeria. Approximately 3.3 million are living with the disease and over 200,000 die every year.

Children in Nigeria

In Nigeria, around 15 million children are engaged in child labour, many in very dangerous conditions. Some children work in hazardous industries, where they are potentially exposed to toxic fumes and dangerous machinery.

About 360,000 children live with HIV/AIDS. The disease is a major cause of the increasing poverty in the country. Children with the disease, or who live with people with the disease, face issues such as losing their parents, neglect and social discrimination.

The child mortality rate stands at 138 per 1,000 live births. Around 30% of children under the age of five are underweight.

Our charity work in Nigeria

SOS Children began its work in Nigeria in the early 1970s. At present, we support Nigerian children and young people by providing loving homes, day care, education and vocational training in seven different locations. In 2004, an SOS family strengthening programme was launched in order to support children who are at risk of losing parental care and enable them to grow up in their own families.


Our first Village in Nigeria was established in Isolo, a suburb of Lagos, in 1973. We ensure that children have access to essential educational, nutritional and health services. It provides assistance to families affected by HIV/AIDS, for example through payment of outstanding rent or the children’s school fees, and donations of clothing and food. The social centres also offer day care, counselling services and include a family health centre. The SOS vocational training centre in Isolo offers young people workshops for various handicrafts, design and dressmaking, computer and secretarial courses and industrial cooking courses with home economics.


With the need for a second Village in Nigeria, we opened the second SOS Children's Village Owu-Ijebu in 1996. The Village has 12 family houses and an SOS Nursery and SOS Primary School. When young people from the Children’s Village are ready to move out of the family home in order to pursue further education or vocational training, the SOS youth programme provides shared accommodation. With the support of qualified counsellors, the young adults learn to take responsibility, plan their future and prepare for independent life.

Gwagwalada, Abuja

A third SOS Children's Village opened in 2007 at Gwagwalada, near Abuja in the centre of Nigeria. Located in an area greatly affected by poverty, we built 12 family houses for 120 children. Our social centres here provide a family strengthening programme to the local population. The programme ensures that children have access to essential educational, nutritional and health services. It provides guidance to parents in the areas of income generation and parenting skills, and strengthens support systems for vulnerable children and their families within the community.


A fourth SOS Children's Village opened in 2011 in Jos. The Village has 12 family houses, providing a new home for up to 120 children. The children attend the SOS nursery school together with local children from the community. The nursery also has one class for children with learning disabilities. The children then go on to complete their primary education at the SOS school, which accommodates around 210 pupils. This way, children who grow up in an SOS family are integrated into the local community from a young age.

Family Strenghtening Programmes

A small clinic provides medical care for the local community as well as classes in nutrition and hygiene for local women at Owu-Ijebu. In 2003, a community support project also opened in the centre of Lagos. It provides a variety of social programmes including medical treatment, childcare, skills training for women and assistance and support for people affected by HIV/AIDS. This project currently helps 15,000 people a year.

Alongside these projects, we also run family strengthening programmes in Ejigbo, Ibadan and Kaduna, which together offer help to over 2,500 people.

Emergency Relief Programme

SOS Children’s Villages is ramping up its emergency response for children and families affected by conflict and displacement in West Africa. Starting in 2017, a new programme in Nigeria’s Borno state is being launched and work in Niger’s Diffa region is being expanded.


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