Macedonia, Europe

Macedonia has one of the poorest economies in Europe, with widespread poverty and unemployment rates so high that many people have been forced to migrate in search of work. Nearly 30% of the population is unemployed and 27% sit below the poverty line. Ethnic discrimination, gender inequality and domestic violence often means that families do not have the opportunity to make improvements to their lives.

Violent conflict and humanitarian crises across the Middle East and the Horn of Africa are causing hundreds of thousands of people to seek refuge in Europe. Macedonia has become a gateway to more prosperous countries in northern and western Europe. The country, already facing it’s own challenges, is struggling to cope with the constant stream of refugees crossing it’s borders.

We have established an Emergency Relief Programme focusing on supporting children, young people, mothers with children and pregnant women. We are also supporting unaccompanied children. Working together with other organisations, we aim to provide shelter and food, as well as medical care to those arriving. At the camp in Gevgelija, we have handed out baby packs with food and diapers and also set up a child-friendly space for children to play and recover from the stress of their journey to safety.

Children in Macedonia

The decline in living standards has a big effect on children, leading to more and more dropping out of primary school. Discrimination makes this a particular problem for children from a Roma background, of whom few go on to receive a secondary education. Infant mortality is high in Macedonia, and young children are often taken into care. Instead of going to school, some end up working for the family business, and early marriage is not uncommon.

Our Children's Villages in Macedonia

SOS Children’s Villages began working in Macedonia in 1995 to tackle the problems of illiteracy, unemployment and violence. By providing children with an education, we give them the chance of a successful future.

Sponsor a child in Macedonia

Skopje is the capital of Macedonia. SOS Children's Villages focuses much of its effort on supporting families from ethnic minorities, where exclusion and prejudice prevents them from receiving the education and support they need to escape poverty. As well as this, we try to reduce the number of children receiving institutionalised care by helping families stay together and offering support and guidance to parents.

Local contact

SOS Detsko Selo Makedonija 

  1. Dimitrije Tucovic 25
    1000 Skopje

Tel: +3 89 23 23 29 05 56


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