Liberia, Africa

Liberia’s two successive civil wars destroyed the country’s infrastructure and exacerbated crippling poverty among Liberia’s population. In the countryside, 93% drink water from untreated sources, such as rivers, swamps and latrines, and thousands lack access to water altogether. Nearly a third don’t have enough to eat. The 2014-2015 Ebola outbreak left Liberia’s fragile health services under extreme pressure. The disease killed health professionals and drew resources away from other healthcare challenges.


Children in Liberia

During the war, young people were worst affected and thousands were recruited as child soldiers.

Liberia is home to 340,000 orphans, largely due to the war. Many schools were destroyed during the war and never rebuilt. The average Liberian receives less than four years of schooling, and illiteracy among over-15s is nearly half. Although the current government is attempting to revive the education system, many schools still struggle to admit all the children in their community.

Many families do not have enough to eat and one in five Liberian children is underweight.

Our Children's Villages n Liberia

We began caring for Liberian children in 1981. Today, we offer a loving home to the most vulnerable in the capital Monrovia and Juah Town. We are constructing a third Village in the northern town of Sinje.


Monrovia Village provides a loving home for almost 150 children who cannot live with their parents.

Juah Town

The Children's Village in Juah Town, Bassah county provides care in six SOS families.

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