Kenya, Africa

Economic growth in Kenya has enhanced life for some, but approximately 11 million people are malnourished. Natural disasters, such as floods and droughts, mean in some areas food supplies get affected; this is especially likely in semi-nomadic areas. In the drought-prone north, quality of life can be particularly poor as basic needs are not being met: sanitation, healthcare and running water are all limited. Extreme deprivation is faced by many in Kenya, and it is estimated 50% of the whole population live in some degree of poverty.

Diseases affect many in Kenya: typhoid, hepatitis A and diarrhoea are common, and HIV/AIDS has a massive affect on many lives. Owing to disease and many other reasons, the life expectancy in Kenya is low, reaching only 55 years.

Children in Kenya

Many children in Kenya are malnourished due to the effects of living in extreme poverty. The youngest children are in particular danger from poverty. The child mortality rate is high at 84 per 1,000 births.

There are up to 130,000 street children in Kenya, as many children have lost parental care. Child-headed household numbers are on the rise, meaning that more and more children are being forced to stay at home and miss out on an education.

The HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in Kenya is a shocking 6.3%, one of the highest figures in the world. Over a million children have been orphaned due to AIDS. By 2015, Kenya aims to eradicate mother-to-child-transmission of HIV and paediatric AIDS.

Our Children's Villages in Kenya


We began our work in Kenya in 1975 when the first Children's Village was built in the Buru Buru district on the outskirts of Nairobi, the capital city. Today, the Village has sixteen family houses.


Construction works for the SOS Children's Village Mombasa were completed in 1979.


SOS Children’s Village Eldoret, located two miles from the city centre, has fifteen family houses.


The fourth SOS Children’s Village was opened in 2005 at Meru about 175 miles north of Nairobi.


SOS Children's Village Kisumu opened in early 2012 and provides is home to up to 150 children in 15 family houses.

Family Strenghtening Programmes

Since the East African drought of 2011, we have worked with children and parents to provide education, skills for work and essential services. With the help of our supporters, we are helping isolated communities around Marsabit escape poverty for good.

Local Contact

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Fax: +254 20 27 28 768


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