Children in Jordan

Due to the high level of political commitment, Jordan has made progress in improving the situation of the majority of children living in the country. Most children in Jordan have access to quality education and health care. Education is highly valued by Jordanian society and government investment in this sector is high.

Children who are at risk of losing parental care include those where one parent has died, where the child is born out of wedlock or where the parents have divorced. The extended family plays an important role in Jordanian culture and they usually take care of children who can no longer live with their parents.

Poverty, however, continues to shape the lives of many children. Children from poor families are often forced to work and this frequently means they drop out of school. Many are exposed to harsh and hazardous working conditions in construction, carpentry and mechanics. The number of child labourers is rising, as is the number of children working and begging on the streets.

Our Children's Villages in Jordan

SOS Children in Jordan has developed a series of activities in response to the various problems faced by children, young people and families in the localities where our organisation works. SOS Children has remained open to acknowledge and address local challenges. It provides support to communities through the provision of day care and educational support.

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We began our work in Jordan in 1986 when the first SOS Children's Village opened in the capital, Amman. Despite being the capital of the country, inequality and extreme poverty are very real problems in Amman. Today, our Village there is home to 108 children.


A second SOS Children's Village was opened in 1992 in southern Jordan in the harbour town of Aqaba, in a residential area with a good infrastructure including schools and hospitals.


Irbid is in northern Jordan, the country's third largest city and the gateway to Syria, Lebanon and Iraq. The third community was opened in a residential area on the edge of the city, with good nursery schools and schools nearby.

Local Contact

SOS Children’s Villages Association of Jordan

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Tel: +96/26/566 5724

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