Children in Israel

As so often is the case, children are a particularly vulnerable group. Israel has one of the highest rates of child poverty amongst OECD countries – that is, countries whose economies are considered highly developed. Children are often disadvantaged by their background – especially hard-hit groups include Arabs and Haredi Jews. After completing secondary school, most children are conscripted to serve in the armed forces.

Our Children's Villages in Israel

SOS Children’s Villages began work in Israel in 1977. We opened our first Children’s Village on the outskirts of the southern city of Arad in 1981. A second Village opened two decades later in 1997, this time in the Migdal HaEmek, not far from the biblical city of Nazareth. In 2015, we opened a number of afterschool centres for Bedouin children aged six to 12.

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Neradim, Arad

Located on the southern edge of Arad, our first Children's Village in Neradim opened in 1981. SOS Children's Villages has greatly expanded its reach since 1981. Our social centre opened in 2008 to act primarily as a transit home providing short-term care for at-risk children aged 6-12. A second social centre provides family support to Bedouins, Sudanese refugees and Jews alike.

Migdal Haemek, Nazareth

Lying just south of Nazareth, our Children's Village in Migdal Haemek, Nazareth opened in 1997. Two social centres provide family support and daycare for local children.

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