Hungary has a colourful and varied culture reflecting its mix of peoples – the majority Magyars, Roma, German, Slovak, Croat, Serb and Romanian minorities. The nation played a major role in the collapse of Soviet communism when it opened its borders with Austria in 1989. However, many continue to suffer the ill-effects of the Soviet era.

Strained social services and poor infrastructure affect children the worst. Many are orphaned, abanoned or unable to live with their families. You can provide a mother and a loving family home by sponsoring a child with SOS Children’s Villages:

As the refugee crisis continues to develop, Hungary has found itself host to several thousand refugees. In 2016 we hope to begin supporting refugees in Budapest and southern and western Hungary. The plan is to help families with children and unacompanied children arriving in Hungary with shelter, food and healthcare.

Our Children's Villages in Hungary

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We began working in Hungary in 1986 when we built our first SOS Children's Village in Hungary in Battonya, a small town near the Romanian border. In 2015, we relocated to Oroshaza, a larger town where the children in our care will have access to better schools and more opportunities.


The second Hungarian SOS Children's Village started in Kecskemét, a small town 80 km south-east of Budapest. SOS Children Kecskemét is in Petöfi-Varos, approximately 10 km from the city centre.


SOS Children's Village Köszeg opened in 1993, close to border crossing with Austria at Köszeg-Rattersdorf. Opportunities for further education and for employment exist in Szombathely, which is the nearest urban centre.

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SOS-Gyermekfalu Magyarországi Alapítványa

Lónyay str. 17
1093 Budapest


Tel: +36 1 301 3161, +36 20 971 2720

Fax: +36/1/32 59 409


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You can help children who have lost their parents. They may have been orphaned by AIDS, natural disaster or conflict. Poverty may have forced their parents to give them up, or they may have been separated from their family by war.