The quality of life for the average Ghanaian has improved as the country has enjoyed economic growth and a reduction in extreme poverty. However, for those marginalised in society, life still presents many challenges. Approximately 260,000 Ghanaians are affected by HIV/AIDS, and some cannot afford anti-retroviral treatment or forgo it for fears of discrimination. In the capital Accra, violence is all too common in the poorest areas. 28% of Ghana’s population still live in poverty and the life expectancy is around 58 years. In rural areas, about 30% of people have no access to clean water drinking sources.


Children in Ghana

27,000 children under the age of 14 in Ghana are living with HIV. Many more have been orphaned due to AIDS. It is estimated that in total in Ghana, over one million children have lost one or both parents.

Street children are a common sight in Accra. Many get no education and remain illiterate, leaving them in a dangerous cycle of poverty and neglect.

Whilst school attendance rates are fairly high, approximately 1 in 5 children do not attend primary school and it is therefore no surprise that 34% of Ghanaian children are involved in some form of child labour activities.

Our Children's Villages in Ghana

A Ghanaian social worker was moved by the sad fate of children being cast out by their families for reasons of traditional beliefs and decided to take action. During a visit to Norway in 1967/68, she found out about the work of SOS Children’s Villages. She then contacted Hermann Gmeiner, the founder of SOS Children’s Villages  in Austria, and we started working in Tema in 1974.

In Ghana, we support local children and young people by providing day care, education, medical assistance and vocational training in four different locations. When children cannot be cared for by their families, they find a loving home in one of our SOS families.


We opened the first SOS Children's Village in Ghana in Tema in 1974. The Tema community has fifteen family houses.


The second SOS Children's Village in Ghana, in Asiakwa, 100 kms north of Accra, opened in 1992. The community in Asiakwa has 12 family houses.


Opened in November 2009, SOS Children's Village Kumasi has 12 family houses for 120 children.


SOS Children's Village Tamale opened in January 2010. It consists of 12 family houses for 120 orphaned and abandoned children.

Local Contact

SOS Children’s Village Association of Ghana   

P.O.Box 16657
Accra North

Tel: +233-302 22 2867

Fax: +233-302 23 3087


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You can help children who have lost their parents. They may have been orphaned by AIDS, natural disaster or conflict. Poverty may have forced their parents to give them up, or they may have been separated from their family by war.