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Despite legal measures, many children do not receive a basic education in China. Girls in particular drop out of schooling due to economic pressures on the family.
Rural areas suffer from poor healthcare. As a result, many children are malnourished and some die from curable conditions such as pneumonia and diarrhoea.

Child labour levels are amongst the highest in the world, and once again it is those in rural parts who suffer most.

Around 30 million teenagers under the age of 17 are affected by psychological problems. It is thought that this may be caused by the rapid pace of economic and social change.

Our Children's Villages in China

We began our work in the country in 1986. We currently care for more than 1,000 children at our ten purpose-built SOS Children’s Villages.


SOS Children's Village Tianjin (also known as Tientsin) opened in 1987 and was our first Chinese SOS Children’s Village. It has 16 family houses for 160 children.


SOS Children’s Village Yantai is in the eastern province of Shandong. The SOS Children's Village with its 16 family houses, two SOS Youth Homes and SOS Nursery School is in the district of Fushan.


As well as the 15 family houses which are home to 120 children, it has a sports area, an SOS Youth Home and an SOS Nursery School. An SOS Vocational Training Centre was opened in 1996 and it offers courses in computer science, office skills, tailoring and industrial arts to around 500 young people.


SOS Children's Village Chengdu was built in 1997. The Village has 15 family houses, an SOS Youth Home and SOS Nursery School, as well as a training centre for SOS mothers and staff.


SOS Children’s Village Nanchang is in the south-eastern province of Jiangxi. Nanchang is the largest city in the province. The Village is just north of the city, near the Nanchang Forest Park, an extensive nature reserve. It has 12 family houses. The SOS children attend the nearby Nanchang Forest Park School.


Our SOS Children's Village in Kaifeng is in Henan province and is situated in one of the main residential areas of Kaifeng. The village has 14 family houses, an SOS Youth Home and SOS Nursery School, and the children attend local schools. A nearby hospital provides for all medical needs.


SOS Children's Village Urumqi is on the outskirts of the city of Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang Autonomous Region in north-western China. This region is situated in the very heart of Asia; Urumqi is the farthest city in the world from the sea (about 2,000 miles). As well as the 14 family houses, the Village has an SOS Nursery School for 120 children. The older children attend local schools.


The SOS Children’s Village in Putian is in south-eastern China in the province of Fujian, an area with much poverty. Our Village is situated in a residential area just outside the city centre on a site provided by the local authorities. It is surrounded by lychee groves and a river runs nearby. It has 15 family houses built in the local style, and a community centre as well as an SOS Nursery School for 120 children. There are primary and secondary schools nearby, along with a military hospital.


SOS Children’s Village Beijing, our tenth Village, opened in 2009. The community has 15 family houses, an SOS Nursery School and an SOS Vocational Training Centre.

Lhasa, Tibet

SOS Children's Village Lhasa is in the capital city of Tibet. The Village, with 17 family houses, an SOS Youth Home and an SOS Nursery School, was opened by the charity in 2000. Before then, there was virtually no provision for the many orphaned children in the city and surrounding areas.

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