Chad, Africa

Rural populations suffer most from high levels of poverty and illiteracy.  Only 4% have access to clean drinking water and proper sanitation is scarce. This results in widespread and often life-threatening illness caused by waterborne diseases such as cholera. This, along with frequent natural disasters, increases the burden on Chad’s inadequate medical services.

With limited access to even basic education, fewer than a third of people can read and write. Chad is also home to many refugees, including 200,000 people who have fled from civil war in Darfur. Chad’s own civil war has forced 140,000 citizens from their homes.


Children in Chad

The infant mortality rate is staggering at 150 per 1,000 live births.

Around a quarter of rural households are headed by women, resulting in an increased risk of child poverty in these areas. Adolescents and even young children are recruited by armed militias, with broken families at particular risk from these groups.

Children are not protected from the intense clashes between government forces and rebel groups – many are the victims of extreme violence, including rape and murder. Child trafficking, forced labour and commercial sexual exploitation are also widespread. Children are particularly at risk of injury from mines and other explosives left in the ground during civil war clashes.

Chad is home to 670,000 orphaned or abandoned children, many of whom have lost their parents because of AIDS.

Our Children's Villages in Chad


In 2005, SOS Children's Village N'Djamena was completed. The Village has twelve houses providing a new home and a new family for up to 120 orphaned and abandoned children.

Family Strenghtening Programmes

An SOS Social Centre has been established in N’Djari, which offers Family Strengthening Programmes to support families to stay together and help to prevent child abandonment. We provide training for parents to help them to support their children financially. The Programme also ensures that children have access to essential services (e.g. educational, nutritional, health support) for their healthy development. This includes offering counselling and psychological support where necessary.

Emergency Relief

Our charity also run an Emergency Relief Programme in Bahai in Chad, to support children and families fleeing the crisis in Darfur, Sudan. SOS Children provides psycho-social support to children, who are often traumatized by their experiences.

Local Contact

SOS Villages d’Enfants Tchad

Quartier N’Djari
B.P. 113

Tel: +235/251 77 73


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You can help children who have lost their parents. They may have been orphaned by AIDS, natural disaster or conflict. Poverty may have forced their parents to give them up, or they may have been separated from their family by war.