Cameroon, Africa

Around 55% of Cameroon’s population live in poverty. In rural areas, medical infrastructure can be unaffordable or even non-existent. The lack of resources can lead to devastating effects, such as an outbreak of cholera in 2010 which affected over 5,000 and killed nearly 400. Safe drinking water is only available to about half of the rural population.  Poor education, lack of employment opportunities and illiteracy also remain issues that need to be addressed.

Children in Cameroon

Children and women bear the brunt of extreme poverty in Cameroon. Around one in four children is underweight. 1 in 10 children under the age of five die each year.

Over 50,000 children live with HIV/AIDS and approximately 340,000 have lost their parents due to the disease.

Malaria is still a huge issue for Cameroon; the disease is still responsible for about three in every ten child deaths under the age of five. Increased resources and investments in campaigns mean the government hopes to reduce this figure in the future.

Our Children's Villages in Cameroon

Mbalmayo, Yaoundé

In January 1990 an agreement was signed between SOS Children's Villages and the government of Cameroon to construct an SOS Children's Village near the capital, Yaoundé, in the small town of Mbalmayo. The village opened in 1998.


SOS Children's Village Doula was built on a seven-hectare plot of land that had been made available by the authorities and is situated on the road linking the cities of Douala and Yaoundé. With its twelve family houses with a capacity of 120 children, the Village opened its doors in 2007. An SOS Nursery and SOS Primary School are on the same site.

Local Contact

Villages d’Enfants SOS Cameroun

B. P. 12196
Yaoundé, Cameroun

Tel: +237/22 21 27 26

Fax: +237/22 21 27 24


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