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For many people, shanty towns (or favelas) are home for life. In these cramped and dirty improvised slums, children grow up amid disease and filth, with little chance of escaping a lifetime of poverty. Child poverty is particularly widespread in the country’s north-east. In Piauí state, more than a quarter of 10-15 year olds must work to feed their families.

Hunger afflicts children throughout Brazil, despite the government’s attempts to fight famine and extreme poverty.

In the big cities, young children without parental care often end up on the streets, where they are vulnerable to gang violence, sexual abuse and drug addiction.

Child labour is sometimes the only way to get by. Many children shine shoes or sell merchandise by the road just to survive.

Our Children's Villages in Brazil

SOS Children’s Villages has worked to improve the lives of vulnerable children in Brazil since 1967. Today, we care for well over a thousand children in 16 SOS Children’s Villages around the country. Each child in the Children’s Village lives as part of a loving SOS family under the care of a devoted SOS mother.

We are there for these children right through their childhood, helping them prepare for independence at our SOS Youth Homes. We also provide vocational training for youngsters so they can begin a successful career as adults. In the community, we help fragile families stay together so children can grow up with their mum and dad.

Porto Alegre

The first SOS Children's Village in Brazil, Porto Alegre, opened in April 1967. Today, our social centre here provides a family strengthening programme, which aims to alleviate hardship in the community in a holistic and sustainable manner. Its services include a day care centre.


SOS Children’s Village Brasilia opened in 1968 and is home to over 100 children. There are 5 SOS families and an SOS primary school, which is now under the administration of the local municipality.


Opened in 1968, Poá was the first Village to be built near to São Paulo, Brazil’s largest city. The Village is now home to up to well over 100 children. Both children from the Village and from the local community can attend the SOS primary school in São Paulo, which is now run by the municipality. This ensures that children from the SOS Children’s Village are integrated into the community from a young age.

San Bernardo

The Village was built In 1970. In 2004, the local authorities declared that SOS Children’s Village São Bernardo do Campo was located in an environmental reserve, so the SOS families slowly moved out of the Village and into rented accommodation. Our social centre here provides a family strengthening programme, which aims to alleviate hardship in the community in a holistic and sustainable manne


SOS Children’s Village Goioerê opened in 1977 and is home to up to over a hundred children. Goioerê is a small town in the federal state of Paraná, which borders São Paulo in the south. A large part of the twelve-acre site is used for agriculture, with the produce being consumed by families in the Village. Many of the children take the opportunity to participate in farming, learning useful skills for their future lives.

Rio Grande do Norte, Caicó

SOS Children’s Village Rio Grande do Norte opened in 1978. The Village is situated in the federal province of the same name, located on the outskirts of the town of Caicó in the northeast of the country. The Village also includes a lively social centre with a multi-purpose hall for functions and festivities. In 2002, an SOS Youth Home was set up in the province capital of Natal, accommodating young people who live in semi-independence as they approach adult life.


SOS Children’s Village Bahia originally opened in 1980. The site was rebuilt in a new location in 1999 as the original site was threatened by landslides. The Village is situated in the town of Lauro de Freitas, between the airport of Salvador and the city of Salvador de Bahia. In May 2001, an SOS Community Centre opened, providing day-care for over 200 pre-school children.


SOS Children’s Village Jacarepagua opened in 1980, one of two projects in Rio de Janeiro. Today, children live in SOS families throughout the community and attend local schools.

Juiz de Fora

SOS Children's Village Juiz de Fora is situated in the city of the same name in the federal province of Minas Gerais. The Village is located in the suburb Grama. Opened in 1980, the Village is home to around 100 children in seven family houses. Our social centre here includes a dentist’s surgery, which is open to the community. Our efforts also address the needs of parents, providing support and training to over 1,000 adults.

Rio Bonito

Rio Bonito was the third Village to be built near to São Paulo, Brazil’s largest city. Built in 1980 on a wooded hill in the Rio Bonito suburb south of São Paulo, the Village is about an hour's drive from the city centre. There is an SOS School, where children from the Village and beyond receive an education. Situated between two dams, the area between the two reservoirs has become a recreational area for the children in the Village to play in.

Santa Maria

SOS Children’s Village Santa Maria opened in 1980. Built on a six-acre site on the outskirts of Santa Maria, it consists of a number of family houses, where over 100 children can find a new home. In addition, the Village has a house for the SOS aunts and a multi-purpose hall for functions and festivities.

João Pessoa, Paraiba

Brazil’s twelfth SOS Children's Village Paraiba was opened in May 1987. Today, SOS families live throughout the neighbourhood, allowing children to grow up in their community. An SOS School opened in the Village in 1990, providing education for many hundreds of students from the Village and the neighbouring communities.

Pedra Bonita

SOS Children's Village Pedra Bonita, which opened in 1994, is the second of two projects in the urban area of Rio de Janeiro. Public services close to the Village are good, and children attend the local schools. A hospital and shopping centre are only a short distance away.


SOS Children's Village Manaus, opened in 1994, is located in the capital of the province of Amazonas in the north of the country. Most of the province is covered in rainforest, with many rivers running through it. Our Village in Manaus includes a small theatre, a library and a volleyball field, and an SOS Vocational Training Centre which helps SOS mothers improve their skills.

Igarassu, Recife

SOS Children's Village Igarassu is located a short drive from the city of Recife, in northeast Brazil. SOS Children’s Village Igarassu opened in 2007, and is now home to well over a hundred children. A multi-purpose hall and a sports ground give children space to play games and take part in community events.


SOS Children's Village Campinas is the newest Children's Village in Brazil, opening in 2010. Situated in the city of Campinas in São Paulo State, it is now home to a number of families. Despite being a small Children's Village, the SOS children at Campinas enjoy a wide-range of activites; from baseball to ballet.

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