Children in Bolivia

Bolivia is a very young country as nearly 30% of all its citizens are under 14 years old.

Since 2005, the number of children who drop out of primary school has more than halved, owing to greater government efforts. However, particularly in rural areas, the difficulties of access to school education remain a serious problem.

Roughly 26% of Bolivian children aged five to 14 actively engage in work activities. According to the UN Development Programme, roughly 10% of all Bolivian miners are underage and their lungs are constantly exposed to dust and toxic fumes.

In the streets of La Paz, young children make a living by shining shoes or selling merchandise.

Child prostitution has also become a growing problem, particularly in urban centres.

Our Children's Villages in Bolivia

SOS Children’s Villages is supporting Bolivian children, young people and families from nine SOS Children’s Villages.

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SOS Children's Village Cochabamba-Jordan was the first SOS Children’s Village in Bolivia. It now has 10 family houses providing a home for 130 children.


As the SOS Children's Village Cochabamba-Jordan soon filled up, it was decided to build the second SOS Children's Village, Cochabamba-Tiquipaya, on the outskirts of Cochabamba. The Village has 13 family houses and an SOS Youth Home on a plot of 12 hectares of land.

Mallasa, La Paz

SOS Children's Village Mallasa is also on the outskirts of La Paz. The Village was opened in 1983 and has 12 family houses.


SOS Children's Village Oruro opened in 1988. The Village consists of 14 family houses.


In 1996, we opened SOS Children's Village Sucre. Sucre is the official capital of Bolivia and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991. The SOS Children's Village has 14 family homes for 115 children.


The SOS Children's Village, built in 1992, is located in a green area approximately 3.5kms from the centre of Tarija. It has 14 family homes.


SOS Children's Village Potosi opened in 2000, the Village has 14 family houses with the capacity for 120 children.

El Alto, La Paz

SOS Children's Village El Alto near La Paz was opened in 2003. This is the most recent Village constructed in Bolivia. The SOS Children's Village has 12 family houses with a capacity for 108 children.

Local contact

Aldeas Infantiles SOS Bolivia

Casilla 14322

La Paz


Tel: +591/2 2411334, +591/2 2412343, +591/2 2413412

Fax: +591/2 241 4581



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