Sponsor a Child or Village with SOS Children’s Villages UK

About Sponsorship
  • Sponsorship is not used for UK admin, 100% is spent on the care of children.
  • Child gets family-based care including a home, food, school, health care
  • Welcome pack
  • Updates directly from the country where you sponsor together with pictures
  • You are welcome to visit or write to your sponsored child or village
  • Minimum of £20 per month

Other ways to give…

If you live in the USA or Canada then there may be tax advantages if you sponsor with the local associations there:

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Please enter any comments or preferences about the sponsorship. We will read this carefully and contact you if we cannot arrange exactly the sponsorship you request.

£ per month

If you live outside the UK you will be able to sponsor a child with SOS Children either through the UK or through the local SOS association in your country. In general using the local association means you could get whatever charitable tax arrangements exist in your country. The UK is unusual in that some reclaimed tax is credited to the charity. In the UK we use the reclaimed tax to pay for administration, whereas SOS associations in other countries may have to make deductions.