Village communities

There are an estimated 140 million children worldwide who have lost one or both parents – and 385 million children living in extreme poverty. SOS Children’s Villages supports vulnerable children and fragmented families in 125 countries across five continents. When a child has nobody to care for them, we are there to offer them a home, a carer and a family where children can grow up from cradle to career. This is what makes SOS Children’s Villages unique.

Making a global change

There are more than 570 SOS Children’s Villages around the world, and 719 youth homes helping young people transition to independence. We provide homes to more than 80,000 children and young people.

Our village communities offer children the opportunity to grow up in a family-like environment and the chance to thrive.
We provide:


  • SOS carers – a trained and dedicated individual from the local area who looks after between seven and ten children
  • Family with boys and girls of different ages. Wherever possible, biological brothers and sisters stay together in one family
  • Homes built in the local style. In each village community, there are 10-15 houses
  • Village communities to grow up in, with a support network of carers and other staff
  • Quality education at SOS-run or supported schools
  • Quality healthcare
  • Support from cradle to career, with older teenagers gaining readiness for independence, including vocational training and higher education


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