Foster parents

for war-orphans in CAR

Thousands of children have been orphaned or separated from their parents since violent civil war broke out in the Central African Republic in 2013. 

We are protecting children who have lost their parents – working to reunite them with their missing families, and when that isn’t possible, making sure they grow up feeling safe, loved and supported in a stable family environment. 

How does foster-care in a warzone work?

We identify local parents who can offer a good home and family to children who have been left alone and provide the support they need to give their foster-child the best start in life.

  • Parenting classes and SOS mentors
  • Regular unplanned visits to make sure the child is safe and happy
  • Practical support such as medical care and food
  • Long-term emotional care for traumatised children

We work closely with local governments and child welfare agencies around the world and are helping to set up safe foster-care systems in countries where they don’t exist.

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What we do in CAR

Left alone, without protection from the armed militias and rebel groups which are still committing atrocities against civilians, children in CAR are vulnerable to abuse or being recruited as child soldiers. We offer children who have lost their parents a second chance at a family upbringing through foster-care arrangements and SOS village communities. We also:

  • Run child-friendly spaces where children can play and learn
  • Reunite separated children and families
  • Support survivors of gender-based violence
  • Help children obtain birth certificates and citizenship rights
  • Reduce poverty by helping families and communities generate income