Refugee Family Reunion

SOS Children’s Villages UK is part of Families Together - a coalition of NGOs campaigning for children who have been granted refugee status in the UK to have the right to sponsor their parents and siblings to join them.

Current restrictive policies in the UK are denying refugee children the chance to grow up with their families. As a result, hundreds of children are facing a future alone and without the family stability they need. Refugee children are often fleeing danger, war and political unrest – and policies in the UK are only adding to this suffering.

The Families Together campaign is calling for:

- Child refugees in the UK to have the right to sponsor their close family to join them

- The definition of ‘family’ to be expanded to allow more children to be reunited with their family

- The reintroduction of legal aid for refugee family reunion cases






Together with our coalition partners, we are supporting the Refugee Family Reunion Bill to become law in the UK. If successful, the bill would bring refugee children one step closer to being reunited with their families.

The bill, which has been sponsored by Baroness Hamwee, is currently making it's way through Parliament. It still needs the approval of the UK Government – and it's success is far from certain. We will be following the process closely to ensure refugee children are not denied their right to a family life.