November 30 2005

Many forms of help for a complex problem

1 December - World Aids Day

30/11/2005 - There is a lot going on in the fight against Aids; however, there still is an overwhelming demand for different kinds of support and awareness initiatives. This year's slogan "Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise" urges decision-makers in politics to further intensify efforts in prevention, treatment, care and support work.

'My friend with AIDS is still my friend' -  Sticker from SOS Social Centre Ennerdale, South Africa - Photo: B. Dimbleby

Aids orphan from Lusaka, Zambia, supported by SOS Children's Villages - Photo: B. Strandell

Mothers who are being helped at the SOS Social Centre in Qwa Qwa, South Africa - Photo: B. Strandell

Young people at an informative meeting on Aids at the SOS Social Centre in Kiev/Ukraine - Photo: P. Lydén

A child from Zimbabwe expresses grief in his pictures - Photo: J. Telling