YouthCan! achieve this World Youth Skills Day
Youth employability – July 15 2019

YouthCan! achieve this World Youth Skills Day

This World Youth Skills Day, we are celebrating the achievements of the thousands of young people worldwide who are part of our YouthCan! movement to beat youth unemployment.

From the moment a child enters an SOS programme we work to empower them as an individual. We listen to their dreams and aspirations, offer them the opportunity to pursue their passions and career choices, and support them through one of the biggest transitions of their young lives -entering the job market and reaching independence.

YouthCan! connects young people with local businesses and helps them access hands-on work experience, role models and mentors, so they can build rewarding careers and a more prosperous future for themselves. This in turn ensures their future families will benefit from their achievements, and that local employers have access to a young, talented and ambitious workforce so the community can thrive.

YouthCan! has already helped more than 5,000 young people make the difficult transition from school to well-paid employment. Here, meet some of the young people whose lives are being transformed by YouthCan! initiatives around the world.

59 million young people worldwide are unemployed. The SOS YouthCan! initiative works to empower young people as they transition to independence and helps them navigate the job market. Since 2017, more than 130 national partners have joined forces to share their experience and knowledge with young people and combat global unemployment.

Last year, YouthCan! worked with young people across 25 countries, facilitating vocational training programmes, providing support for aspiring entrepreneurs, and offering collaborative learning through digital platforms and career opportunities with global partners. Almost half of the training offered is focused on soft-skills development, encouraging confidence and self-reliance in their future pursuits.

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