Three Peas in a Pod
Mozambique – December 17 2018

Three Peas in a Pod

Triplets Bella, Ernestina and Esperanca lost their mother shortly after they were born in the Imhambane province of Mozambique. Their father was in poor health so other family members helped care for the newborn girls - but they soon found it impossible to provide for their needs.

Luckily, the girls have found a loving home with their SOS carer Joana at our village community in Inhassaro.

“Taking care of one baby is not easy, imagine taking care of triplets,” Joana jokes. “It requires much patience, courage and so much love, but it is also very rewarding to see them playing together.

“When they started nursery school they were always dancing and singing songs they learnt from their teacher. Some days they all wanted to dance to different music with me at the same time! I had to ask them to dance with me one by one,” she says, smiling.

Now six years old, the sisters are happy and active girls. Esperança and Ernestina want to be teachers but Bella dreams of being a model.

“They come home from school in a rush and let me know about their day, showing me everything they wrote and learned. It is a pleasure to me.”

This story was taken from the winter edition of Family Matters, our bi-annual supporters magazine. 

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