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Philippines – January 15 2020

Children evacuated after Taal volcano eruption

On Thursday 15 January, 70 children were transferred from SOS Children’s Village Lipa to SOS Children’s Village Manila now that a major eruption of the Taal volcano appears imminent.

“It has become too much of a risk to stay longer in the village, that is why we have decided to move the families to the nearest children’s village in Metro Manila,” says Village Director Johnald M. Lasin. “We are implementing full evacuation protocol to ensure the safety of the families.”

Tremors have become more frequent causing fissures in many areas around the volcano. Taal Lake’s main crater has dried up. According to the government, these are signs that magma movement underground has become more active. A major eruption now appears more imminent.

The government expanded the danger zone up to a 17 km radius. Lipa City has now been included in a high-risk prone area.

This relocation comes after 12 children and some SOS mothers with health issues were relocated to Manila on Tuesday. That means 82 of the 115 children and young people in SOS Children’s Village Lipa have been moved since yesterday, including five retired mothers and eight mothers. The remaining children, young people and mothers will be transferred Thursday morning.

Before leaving Lipa today, the children and mothers prepared for the evacuation by packing clothes, food, and emergency medical supplies.

Upon their arrival at SOS Children’s Village Manila, they were welcomed by SOS Children’s Village Manila’s Village Director ‘Uncle’ Raymond. And after a short briefing, the children and mothers were guided to the homes where they will be staying temporarily.

We’re happy to report that all of the children and SOS caregivers are now safely back home in Lipa – click here for the full update.

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