Social Media – February 6 2020

#ReclaimSocial – sharing inspiring stories

Our social networks can be filled with a lot of doom and gloom, so today we’re encouraging you to #ReclaimSocial and share some inspiring stories instead. Below are some of the people we find really inspiring but please do take to social media to share your own inspirational stories!

Regina pays it forward

A few years ago, Regina Mupopeni, who is the primary caregiver for her two nieces, could barely afford to put food on the table or keep the girls in school. But supported by training from SOS in how to run a successful chicken business, she can now make a living and her neighbours have taken notice. “My neighbours admire my success and keep coming here to learn from me. I am teaching them as I was taught. I have taught about 15 people so far. One came yesterday and she has already started with 50 chickens.”


Francisca’s incredible family of 19

It was in 1976 that Francisca Dzalo became an SOS mother – which is someone who cares for children who have no parents that can look after them. After intense training, she formed her SOS family of five children, a number that grew to 19 over the years. “I am very happy that the children I brought up are successful in life - among them are lawyers, engineers, editors, teachers, one is a soldier, and some are married, and so I have grandchildren.”


Noemy helps others as she was helped

Three years ago, Noemy was in a desperate situation and ready to give up her children. Now, thanks to SOS, she volunteers in a community network that helps other parents before they reach those levels of desperation. The group of neighbours get together once a month to discuss how to support families in their community they believe are at risk.


Who do you find inspiring in your life? Share a story on our Facebook page with the hashtag #ReclaimSocial

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