Get Creative – April 9 2020

“Pande-makes”: see what SOS children around the world have been creating and share your own work

Everyone who didn’t know already has quickly learned that life under lockdown isn’t a lot of fun. It’s hard being apart from the ones you love, if that is the case for you, and it’s difficult to find interesting things to do – both for yourself and for the kids especially.

What we have seen though is a burst of creativity from around the world. You may have already seen this on your social media, with people who’d never tried before suddenly baking bread, building models with their kids, even taking on long-overdue DIY tasks.

The children and families in our care around the world are no exception, and have been coming up with some really creative “pande-makes”, as we’ve started calling them: things that you create while under lockdown.

In Sri Lanka, the children and young people have drawn some really impressive information posters highlighting the need to keep at the right distance from people and how to ensure you’re washing your hands properly.


In Syria, SOS staff have been doing face-painting which is both a great way to get creative and also something that makes the kids there really happy. The children have also been helping their SOS Parents out by getting stuck in with the cooking. 


In Jordan, the children have been turning egg boxes into lanterns.


In Nepal, as well as spending time exercising, dancing and doing yoga, the children have been creating some great artwork as this video shows. 


Ayantu, 16, from Nigeria has even taught herself how to ride a bike in the safety of her back yard.

We’d love to hear about your pande-makes – please share photos or videos with us so we can see how you’re keeping yourselves busy!

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