South Africa – October 7 2019

Why is family so important? Nobuhle says 'thank you' to her SOS family.

Why is family so important? Who better to answer this question than a child who has lived without one – and then got offered a second chance at a family life?

Nobuhle lost her mother when she was just nine years old. She wrote to us to say thank you to the SOS mother who welcomed her into her family, and everyone who makes our work possible:

“Thank you. I do not know where to start, or end, in expressing how grateful I am. I arrived as a confused child who had just lost the one person who meant the world to me - and my sense of hope. But you created a safe home for me and took away my fears.

I was excited about joining my SOS family, because I was promised a better life, full of possibilities. I was too young then to truly understand what this meant, but I knew that I would not have to go to bed hungry or think about where my next meal would come from anymore.

You took away my nightmares and taught me how to live my dreams. I have fulfilled my dreams, and I continue to dream, because of you.

I cannot say that I have not had challenges in life, but because of my SOS mother, Letty, and the others in our community, I have been able to overcome them. At every step in my life they have shaped my character and lifted my hopes in the times when I needed it most. 

In this, I stand as evidence that the work you do, and the parents you have provided children like me with, is not in vain. I would like to make a special mention of my mum, Letty Mathonsi. I have seen so much love and continue to see so much love from her, and I am very grateful to have someone like her in my life. Thank you ma.

As I venture into this new phase in my life, I am thankful. I am thankful because you have provided me with so many opportunities to realise my dreams. I am thankful because today I pride myself on belonging to a loving family because of you. And I am thankful because I will always be an SOS child and have a family. 

I am grateful because you have equipped me with enough skills to face the world head on and to have the confidence that I will succeed. I am no longer fearful of what life beyond SOS looks like. And most of all, I am grateful because as much as there is no perfect home, at SOS I found a loving one.

It is my prayer that you will continue to show so much love and kindness to those before and after me, that they will seize every opportunity that you make available to them and realise their dreams. I am who I am, because you are who you are.”

With love,

Nobuhle Mohlala

Nobuhle grew up in the SOS village community Nelspruit, South Africa. Now 22, she has recently graduated from the University of Cape Town and plans to develop a career as clinical psychologist.

This story was taken from our supporter magazine, Family Matters.

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