India – July 8 2020

“Everything was going so well - now coronavirus has taken it all away”

Last year, Neema from India scored 86% in her end-of-year exams and was made head girl at her school. Everything pointed to her having a bright and prosperous future, and fulfilling her dream of becoming a chartered accountant. Her proud SOS Mother went round their neighbourhood sharing the exciting news and handing out sweets in celebration.

Neema’s wish was that everyone would have that feeling at least once in their life – seeing the fruits of their hard work and having the chance to dream of a really exciting future.

But then the coronavirus pandemic brought an end to her dreams. Neema says if it weren’t for the support of her SOS Mother, she doesn’t know what she would do right now.

Unable to take her exams this year due to the pandemic, as the oldest in the family Neema now helps her SOS siblings with their homework and helps her SOS Mother prepare food for all of them. It’s a far cry from what she should have been doing right now, but in some small way, being able to help those around her makes it all a bit easier to bear. After all, her dream of becoming a chartered accountant was mostly so she could give back to her family and her community.

With schools shut, promising student Neema has been helping her SOS siblings with their schoolwork.

Neema says:

“Right when everything was going on perfectly, a global pandemic changed the world and brought a sudden halt to all my dreams and aspirations. I feel everything is lost - my education, career, and my dreams. It’s only the support from my SOS Mother that keeps me getting out of bed each day.”


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