International Women's Day – March 8 2020

International Women’s Day: The women who made us who we are today

This International Women’s Day we’re encouraging everyone to take to social media to celebrate and thank the amazing women who helped make them the strong and confident people they are today – by declaring ‘she made me ME!’

Which woman has done most to make you who you are today? Was it your mum, your grandmother, your favourite teacher from school? Or maybe it was a celebrity or a famous person from history?

These incredible women have done so much to help children and young people achieve their potential – we’re nominating them on behalf of all the kids they’ve helped over the years.



Edilia has helped hundreds of women in her community in Santa Cruz del Quiche, Guatemala, learn to read and write.

“At first, many of the women were unable to write at all. The muscles of their hands were very tight because many women in Guatemala plait hats or work with threads. Some of them tore the paper when they tried to write on it. I had to apply various techniques to help them make their hands softer,” Edilia recalls. “But if you could see them in the classroom now. They can read!”


Mama Waletor

Five years ago, as her country buckled under the strain of the worst Ebola outbreak in Liberia’s history, Mama Waletor rose to the challenge – welcoming four children orphaned by the epidemic into her family. More than 70 children who lost their parents to Ebola are growing up in the SOS village in Monrovia where Waletor lives – and she’s been a caring ‘auntie’ and neighbour to them all.


Lena Papathanasiou

In just three years, Lena has helped more than fifty children torn from their loved ones by warfare and disaster to be reunited with their families. She has changed so many children’s lives forever – we know they’d want us to thank her here.

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