Smiling teenage venezuelan girl
Colombia – May 19 2020

Coronavirus leaves Angela’s family in limbo

“My name is Angela* and I am 16 years old. We are from Venezuela but three years ago moved to La Guajira, Colombia.

“Since the lockdown started in March, we wake up every day as if we were going to school. We get ready, make breakfast and sit down to do our homework. Each of us has exercise guides my mother picked up from school when all this started. We send photos of the assignments via SMS by the given deadlines. My older sister and I help the little ones but we need school material - we cannot afford paper to do our homework so we are reusing what we have.

“My mother is currently unemployed and my father passed away last year. Food is getting more expensive and we are seven mouths to feed.

“Before my father died, he made me promise I would go to university and make my family thrive. I feel worried. I want the lockdown to be over so I can work and help my family. When this is over, I will help my mother bring money home, while I study. And when I finish school, I will do what I can to get a scholarship to study to become a lawyer and buy us a nice house.”


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