Children deserve the chance to play.
Child-Friendly Spaces – September 16 2019

Why should children in disaster zones miss out on the chance to play?

Growing up in the wake of a natural disaster, or in a community torn apart by war, should not mean children miss out on the chance to play – but all too often it does.  Children’s needs can easily be forgotten in the scramble to provide the basics such as food, water and shelter in emergency situations.

At SOS Children’s Villages we know that play matters too.

Through play, children develop their creativity, practice their skills, and can let their imaginations fly. They learn how to make friends, how to share and cooperate with others – all the things they need to lead a happy and successful life.

And for children who have witnessed violence and destruction, or lost their homes, schools or even family members in disasters, play can be an essential part of their recovery.

We believe in giving children in crisis back their childhoods through play. At our SOS child-friendly spaces in disaster hotspots around the world we offer children a safe place to play, make friends, and behave like the children they are. In our village communities, children who have lost everything, including their families, are playing sports, going to dance lessons and discovering new and exciting hobbies. And around the world, our child-counsellors are using play to help children communicate their trauma and express their feelings through arts and crafts, singing and dancing, and storytelling therapies.

You can help us make sure that children have the chance of a happy childhood – wherever they are growing up – by making a donation today.

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*Children’s names are changed to protect their identities.


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