Lebanon – August 10 2020

Beirut Explosion: Children and families in urgent need of support

In a country where many families are already at breaking point the explosion may be the final straw.

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The enormous explosion that shook the Lebanese capital, Beirut, just last week has had a devastating effect on the city and the people who live there. So far, the death toll stands at over 160 people and a staggering 6,000 injured with casualties buried under the wreckage or still missing. Many residential areas are now uninhabitable with as many as 300,000 people left homeless.

This comes at a very difficult time for Lebanon. The country is going through a severe economic crisis, with daily power cuts, a lack of safe drinking water, and civil unrest. The situation became even more difficult with the arrival of the coronavirus.

At SOS Children’s Villages, our aim in times of emergency is always to support the families affected so they can stay together, and to provide a safe and loving home for children who have lost or been separated from their parents.

We are on the ground now in Lebanon providing families with emergency access to basic services such as drinking water, food, and soap. For children who lost, or became separated from, their parents in the blast, we are offering care in our Children’s Villages. Here they have a safe place while we trace their family members, or long-term loving support if no family can be found.

The scale of the situation is still unfolding, but it is clear many children and families need help right now. Please give today and we will make sure that money goes towards providing this urgent support.

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